Dear COVID-19

Ben Thomas
5 min readMay 22, 2020

Dear COVID-19,

Firstly, I hope we know each other well enough by now where I can address you more informally (the whole Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 thing is kind of a mouth full).

And I do have to say that you look great in this lighting.

Secondly, and more importantly, I would like to address your stay with us. Of course, don’t get me wrong; I do genuinely hope that we’ve been gracious enough hosts for you. How could we not be? I mean, firstly, you came just at the right time! Chinese New Year and Spring Break? It looks like you know just how much we love to travel and party and, well, become intimately intertwined this time of year.

We are, after all, pretty social critters. And, in this sense, we do appreciate the fact that your presence has made us ever more aware of our urges to see one another. So…thank you I guess.

And, of course, we have taken note that you’ve very much benefitted from our handsy behaviour. This has evidently elongated your stay far past what we would be expecting.

Look at you go!

In fact, I’d argue that some of us here have been doing their due-diligence in assuring you a long and worthwhile visit. Although this is definitely a detriment to the others, we understand their urge to not listen to our rules. We would be lying if we told you that we haven’t made some mistakes in the past that may or may not have severely eroded our trust in one another. I guess that trust is a fickle thing for us humans. And it can lead to a lot of mistakes (see: our history). But when it’s done right, it’s one of the most human things we can do.

Now, regarding the duration of your stay, I’d like to address the lack of consensus over whether or not you should leave at all. Some people really seem to like you! I’ve heard that a few special individuals are even planning meetings and get-togethers just to become a little more acquainted with you.

Something tells me they don’t know you well enough.

I wish I had this much support when I wanted to travel