Primary Sources

Camus, A. (1946). The human crisis: A lecture delivered in America, Spring 1946.

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Why Politicians Are Always Rich:

Paradox of tolerance:

Arendt, Pan-Movements & Democracy:

Pollution Inequality:

Obeying Orders and Neuroscience:

Chinese Camps:

10% of French Supported Resistance:

Hitler was Lazy:

Trump and Nuclear Capability:

Paul North cartoon:

Laughing At The Fungus:

Political Facebook Posts:


Educating The Panicked:

University of Washington Fake News Study:

Didn’t Take Covid Seriously, Covid Took Them:

Hungtington Disease Study:

Bad News Rectangle Meme:

Secondary Trauma:


Conspiracy Theories:

Oil & Identity:

Dinosaurs and Flat Earth:

2022 Vaccine:

Sitting Is The New Smoking:

Convictions and Self-Identity:

Freedom House Report:

COVID and Conspiracies:

Breath (or lack thereof)

NATURE article on Black Deaths:

Specific studies about black deaths as a result of police brutality:

BLM and Marxism:

Toilet Paper and COVID:

Racism and COVID:

Domestic Violence and COVID:

Mental Health and COVID:

Terror Management Theory:

Death makes people prejudiced:

Death makes people vote for charismatic politicians:

Sculpture by Isaac Cordel Titled: “Politicians Discussing Climate Change”:

Scientific Consensus on Climate Change:

Consensus on Climate Change Correlates with Climate Expertise:

Reversal of Cooling Trend:

Heat Wave Deaths:

ExxonMobil and Climate Change: Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect.pdf

Total Cost of Climate-Change Caused Natural Disasters:

Biodiversity and GDP:

Basically Climate Change Costs A Lot:

Carbon Tax Is Good For The Economy:

Yale Critique of “Planet of the Humans”:

Kenny vs Greta:

Oreskes Argument on Non-Sequiturs:

Melting Permafrost Unleashes Deadly Viruses:

Freedom House Graph on Democratic Backsliding:

Growing Inequality:


Simple Explanations:

Reddit Post:




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